The proceedings of the 2018 ICODECON are available (click here)

The 2016 ICODECON special issue of IJBESAR  is available (click here)

9 papers are accepted for publication in scientific journals - partners to ICODECON and 4 other papers are under peer review for publication.

All abstracts of papers accepted for presentation at the conference after peer review will be published in the Proceedings of ICODECON by the end of October 2018. Upon acceptance authors are required to sign the copyright and transfer form. 

Please note that a paper cannot be published in the proceedings without the submission of the Copyright and the Transfer Form.

Fast dissemination: After the publication of the Proceedings all papers will appear online, on ICODECON web page, and will be an open access data base of papers available to all users.

Further, at least 50 articles will be selected by members of the scientific committee and will be invited to submit an extended version of their article to be published in the following journals:

  1. Scienpress Ltd
  2. Risk Market
  3. Research in Economics and Business: Central and Eastern Europe" (REB)
  4. Journal of Global Economy Review
  5. International Journal of Business and Economic Sciences Applied Research
  6. Journal of Governance and Regulation
  7. Risk Governance and Control

The authors of this papers will be informed by e-mail in time.

In addition, the Scientific Committee of the conference is planning the edition of spesial volumes by:

  1. Cambrige Scholars Publishing Ltd
  2. International Journal of Business and Economic Sciences Applied Research
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